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Covid-19 Protocol

Please check this page on this website often. It will be the most accurate & up to date!

  • • Spectator Admission is $15.00 per person regardless of age. Only 2 spectators put athlete.
  • • Spectators will be admitted after the awards are finished from the previous session. Approximately 15 minutes prior to your session.
  • • Gymnasts will be allowed to enter, to meet their coach approximately 15 minutes before their session begins. The gymnasts are not required to stand in line.
  • • All County & Local Guidelines will be followed.
  • • Social Distancing will be practiced. Spectators - parents/families will be spaced 6 feet apart. Every other row & 2 seats in between parties. Only 2 spectators per athlete will be allowed.
  • • Signage with a traffic flow pattern will be enforced with one-way entrance doors will remain open and 1 way exits.
  • • All staff, judges, & coaches will wear a face mask while in the competitive venue. Spectators will be required to wear a face mask while in the venue.
  • • Gymnasts will not be required to wear a mask while warming up, competing or stretching. They will be required to wear their mask when walking in, walking to & from events, sitting in the chairs waiting to compete or rotate and during awards.
  • • Gymnasts must bring their own water bottle, their own chalk, and keep all belongings in their gym bag. Their gym bag will be carried with them from event to event. (Unless they have team chalk bucket or bag. In this case it is up to the coach to make sure that it is ONLY used for their own athletes.)
  • • Only 1 athlete on the Beam at a time for warm ups.
  • • Cleaning and disinfecting will be continuous and ongoing.
  • • There will be hand sanitizing stations at each event for the gymnasts and at various places throughout the venue.
  • • There will be no gymnast check in. Coaches will check in their own gymnasts on the competitive floor. The coaches will mark the number on their own gymnasts’ hands. All numbers of the gymnasts will start with a letter.
  • • Coaches Meeting will be limited to 1 coach per team.
  • • Coaches are asked not to sit at the judge’s tables at any time.
  • • Coaches are also asked to keep their distance of 6 feet from timers and judges.
  • • Gymnast gifts will be given at awards.
  • • Squad sizes will be approximately 10 gymnasts or less. Gymnasts will be spaced out every 6 feet and social distancing will be practiced throughout.
  • • Chairs provided for the gymnasts and the coaches will be placed 6 feet apart at each event.
  • • There will be no greeting of the judges at each event.
  • • Awards will be awarded on the competitive floor, immediately following each session.
  • A. At the end of the competition, the gymnasts will go to the awards staging area. They will be asked to stand on the spot that with the letter on their hand. All spots are social distanced.
  • B. The Team Awards will be announced only. The coaches will pick up their Team Awards at the Awards Table in the back of the gym.
  • C. Gymnasts will be lined up by their age division and All-Around order.
  • D. They will be given their plaque, award sticker and gift.
  • E. They will march out 6 feet apart one age group at a time to the awards presentation area in front of the floor mat.
  • F. Spectators will remain in their seats.
  • G. The announcer will announce the top 3 on each event. As their name is announced they will step forward and wave.
  • H. The announcer will then announce ALL of the all of the All-Around gymnasts in that age division. As their name is being called, they will step forward and wave.
  • I. Then that Age Group will march to the Exit Door to meet their parents.
  • J. Parents should then make their way to the exit door to meet their child.
  • K. Halker’s Gold will also have a person at the Exit Door and all gymnasts will be inside the venue until each parent connects with their child.
  • • Any one feeling ill are asked to stay home.